Community Consultation

Our Consultation Commitment

Open and transparent engagement and benefit-sharing with the local community are critical to a successful project. The team has been actively engaging with landholders, neighbours, the Walcha community, local businesses and government at all levels since mid-2019

We want to be part of the Walcha community for the next generation and are committed to working hard to build strong long-term relationships with local residents, businesses and organisations.

Winterbourne Community Consultation

Our Community Engagement Strategy

Our community engagement strategy is built on the following core principles:

We will keep community and stakeholders informed by providing timely and factual information throughout the project lifecycle.

We will identify and address community and stakeholder concerns honestly and transparently.

We will provide the means for stakeholders to communicate with us, including where to provide feedback, how to register a request to be involved in the project or how to register a complaint.

We will seek to maximise the social and economic benefit to the local community.

Community Consultative Committee

We established a Community Consultative Committee (CCC) for the project in accordance with the assessment requirements set out by the Department of Planning and Environment. The CCC consists of an independent Chair, community members, local government representatives, and project team members.

CCC meetings were held approximately quarterly while the Environmental Impact Statement was being prepared. The CCC performed an advisory and consultative role, providing a forum for open discussion on issues directly related to the project.

Meeting minutes are published on the website here .

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