Who We Are

Winterbourne Wind

Early development of a wind farm project in the Walcha area began in 2004. A project company, WinterbourneWind Pty Ltd, was established to develop the wind farm project. In June 2019, Wind Power Invest (WPI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danish wind energy company Vestas, acquired a majority stake in WWPL. Funded by Vestas, WinterbourneWind is now developing the wind farm project and aims to commence construction in 2023.



Vestas is a global leader in sustainable energy solutions.  Vestas designs, manufactures, installs and services wind turbines around the world. Vestas has been active in Australia since 2001 and employs around 500 staff in Australia and New Zealand involved in the sales, construction and maintenance of wind farms.

Vestas is funding the development and design of this wind farm project, and is committed to supplying the wind turbines, managing project construction and providing long-term operation and maintenance services for the plant.

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