Walcha Show 2022

Walcha Show 2022

On 10 and 11 March 2022, you may have seen some of our project team at the Walcha Show, where we hosted an information booth for the third year in a row.

Thank you to all who stopped by to share your thoughts, feedback and ideas about the project with us. We presented information on a range of topics and chatted with over 75 community members. We also had lots of freebies to share with the young and old passing through. 

We heard about the community’s interest in local job opportunities, clean energy, and environmental and operational impacts of the project. All feedback is valued, both positive and negative, and is being carefully considered in the preparation of the EIS.

We were pleased to sponsor the Cattle Dog Challenge, won by Andrew Kelly with Dolly. Our team also enjoyed going around to see the other events, exhibitions, and stalls, and eat the local food.

We are grateful that so many people stopped by for a chat to learn more about the project. And a big thank you to the Walcha Show Society for having us!

For those who missed our information booth and want to get in contact, please reach out to us at 1800 252 040 or

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