Uralla street stall May 2024

WinterbourneWind is happy to share that we held our first street stall in Uralla on Friday, 3 May, outside the Alternate Root Café, to share information about the proposed wind farm development.

The morning was a great success, with over 50 locals stopping by to chat and share a coffee with us. We presented poster boards and provided the latest FAQ handouts illustrating the project layout, development timeline, the community benefit fund, and an update on the proposed transport route. We found everyone was eager to hear about the project. We received thoughtful feedback from the community and learned more about our surroundings.

We would like to thank both the Uralla Council and Alternate Root Cafe for hosting us, and for the cafe supplying a steady stream of caffeine for our day. We can’t wait to be back!

For those who missed our street stall and want to get in contact, please reach out to us at 1800 252 040 or via our contact page.

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